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When touring some of the most entertaining and culturally unique cities in the United States, the Big Easy is one of the most popular and fascinating. Though New Orleans has certainly had its share of difficult times since Hurricane Katrina, the tenacious spirit of its residents has brought this city back to life.

New Orleans’ French Quarter has something for everyone. Unlike other cities that compete for tourists, New Orleans offers activities for everyone at prices that can’t be beat. If you’re looking for a family vacation at the right price–not sparing the fun—look no further.

  • Bourbon Street—This infamous road is the heartbeat of New Orleans. Regardless of the time of day, Bourbon Street offers great food, good music, and people looking for a good time. The night offers adult fun into the wee hour of the morning. Enjoy being able to transport your alcoholic beverage down the street as you pop in and out of the bars. If you’re looking to party without the drama, head to Bourbon Street with your posse.
  • Jackson Square—This historic landmark is spread out over 2.5 acres and is a popular creative space for artists, musicians, and filmmakers alike. Whether you are interested in the annual French Quarter Festival or you are looking for a regal setting for your wedding day, the monumental beauty that Jackson Square offers can’t be beat.
  • Preservation Hall—Musicians can be found on nearly every corner in New Orleans, but real music lovers will appreciation of the jazz clubs that host some of the most talented musicians around. Preservation Hall is a central location for Jazz lovers that offers live concerts every night of the week. This club is a great gathering place regardless of age. Just bring your love of music, sit back, and relax.

This is only a handful of the unique New Orleans flavor that overflows within the city. These must-see attractions make great stops on your tour and give you a well-rounded experience. Very few places can boast about an overwhelming spirit of community, fun, and friendship that New Orleans possesses. You may come for a few short days, but you leave as a member of a family. No vacation is long enough to see the whole city, but start here and you can’t go wrong.